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To be completely honest I think Rose/Ten hugs meant mean more than anything else. It’s a true sign of genuine love and frienship. A full on embrace is more intense and more loving than a thousand kisses. Hugs don’t imply anything and they aren’t attached to any sort of relationship stigma. Look at the myriad of emotions that they can express just by wrapping their arms around each other. Relief, comfort, safety, reassurance, comradery, acceptance, agreeance and, most of all, LOVE.

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It’s Amazing

It’s amazing

It’s amazing how even your picture makes me laugh and cry

I can still remember that giddy fluttery feeling the very first time I met you

Even though we’re miles apart, I will not stop fighting to see you again

Because even though you don’t really care too much about me

You’re my livelihood

I will plunge right through miles and miles of dirt and sand and water and lava and plaster and glass and ice and grass and weeds and wood and trees and insulation and metal and iron and flesh and bone just to get to you

When you probably wouldn’t even bother to cross the street to get to me

You make me smile every day, and yet, I’m afraid to message you

Because I don’t want to be clingy, burdensome or annoying

I miss you so much, and you could never possibly know

And now, I’m afraid to open my heart to anyone because even though I am so young, my first love was unrequited

That does something to a person

I don’t ever want to feel alone like that again


How could I allow myself to love someone new?

It’s so much easier to wall myself in and pretend that I don’t need to love

I don’t need to feel

It’s easy and yet it’s the hardest thing

I don’t want to suppress my emotions, but I can’t allow my heart to break

It hasn’t even healed from my first

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